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Of course you are, because that wedge shaped space under the stairs is like a no man’s land of mismatched shoes, the odd plastic box and an ever expanding collection of umbrellas. I used planed 2x2 for the doors and the inner panel thickness is 18mm. Here, although there are already two doors, the narrow leftover space has been made into a tall and surprisingly roomy bookshelf. Looking for some inspiring under stairs cupboard doors https://sigmaconstruction.uk/toilet-under-stairs-.html storage ideas? Linda I’d love to see examples of an under stairs cupboard that has to also house a fuse box and various other pipes and hardware. And sometimes you don’t see it when it’s right under your nose. Time to make the most of that lost space with our comprehensive guide to under stair storage ideas. Here’s another way to organise pull-out shelving under your stairs. After the hinges and doors are secured in place close one door and mark where you want to nail the door stopper for both of the doors all around the inside frame. And incorporate one big cupboard for cleaning gear. The space under the stairs is often home to bulky furniture that doesn’t quite. After the doors are in place you can attach any handle you like that will match your doors style. The area under the stairs is ideal for housing washing machines (plumbing permitted) and the space above is great for storing laundry equipment. Your hallway and under stairs can often become an overlooked space where clutter builds up, but it can easily be organised to include a few extra storage solutions. Do you already use your under stairs space for anything in particular? The design team didn’t waste any space on these large stairs, creating a sitting and storage area on one side and a mini bar on the other. Alcove shelving built into the stairs is the perfect place to showcase treasured antiques and decorative items. Children love a den to play in, so why not copy this under stair storage idea and create one under the stairs? For those who like a bit of privacy when working from home, but do not have a separate study or home office, a bespoke under stair study space is a great under stair storage idea. More often than not, it’s the place where we throw everything that doesn’t have a home, however, there are several great storage opportunities lurking under there. Whether you had the door on the side, or at the end of the staircase like shown here, you can see that the space under the stairs is perfect for a toilet and a sink area. Go smallPerhaps you don’t need to use the whole of your under-stairs area for storage – but could just do with a floor-level cupboard, maybe for the vacuum and some cleaning stuff.


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